Rescue Lines and Slack Lines

After college today I drove down into Poll Dubh with my climbing gear but with no climbing partner. I figured I would find someone there or I would find something I could do. It didn't take me long to ran into Gillean who also had the same intentions as myself.
So we headed over to cavalry crack buttress and I led 'the old wall' (vs 5a*). After that Gillian led 'Dundee Weaver' (HVS 5b**) on Dundee Buttress.
Then I had a wee issue with Double Buttress, I was going for a route called 'double or quits'(E1 5b). However this was definitely not the route I was on. I ended having to get Gillian go to the top and drop a rope down so I could climb up, what felt like 6a moves to top out.

Gillian seconding the old wall
A while ago I suggested to Jamie that we put a slack line over lower falls in Glen Nevis. So we set it up played and quick game of rock paper scissors, to decide who tested it and who went first, I lost. I managed to go halfway out and fall off in the middle. Jamie managed two steps and then fell off in a hilarious fashion.

He redeemed himself when we set it up again lower to the ground.

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